Who we are & what we do

Prepare yourself to not only be amazed but delighted “Right Before Your Eyes” it’s Freeze Cream!

Freeze Cream is a new phenomenon. The Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan friendly coconut base frozen treat, we also make a milk base; that is prepared from scratch right before your eyes!

Not only do we provide a savory mouthwatering treat, but we create each one to the customer’s delight. Choose between Ice Cream and Freeze Cream! No choice is a bad choice as they are all spectacular! We not only offer a variety of bases; however, you may also select a variety of fillers, added to enhance one’s taste and experience. Does this sound too good to be true?! It is not!

Each order will come to life within a maximum time of 3 minutes.

Healthy Alternatives

Dairy Free

Freeze Cream uses Coconut Milk or Almond Milk as our non-dairy base. Every Freeze Cream flavor begins with our light but delicious non-dairy milk base. From there, we use some of the finest organic, certified non-GMO ingredients to create the most amazing flavor combinations you can imagine. Also herbs, sauces and candies!

Gluten Free

With freeze cream you can make the transition to a gluten-free diet with confidence. While enjoying your favourite frozen treat. Freeze Cream uses Glutino brand to provide a high quality trusted product.

Vegan Options

Freeze Cream has two vegan bases Coconut Milk & Almond Milk. The key to a nutritionally sound vegan diet is variety. A healthy and varied vegan diet includes fruits, vegetables, plenty of leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Freeze Cream offer a vast variety of vegan options such as our most popular Strawberry Lime Spritzer and Cookies and Freeze Cream.


Douglas makes his debut in Atlanta, crafting a straight-forward yet progressive menu. Drawing from his culinary experience with multiple cuisines and driven by his passion for delivering great customer service and outstanding products, Douglas transforms fresh and locally-sourced ingredients into amazing treats.


Nicole chose the path of being an entrepreneur with great aspirations, bringing a deep commitment to delivering a wholesome food product for most diets. Having such love for people and organization skills, she set out to help create the Freeze Cream business as Vice President.